YouTube's homepage is cluttered with things YouTube thinks you should watch. But what about the channels you want to keep up with? RSSTUBE creates a feed of the content coming from any individual YouTube channel. This means you can consume YouTube content just like any other feed. Want to see more about a video? Just click it to be taken to the video’s YouTube page. Can you say simple?

It's easy! Add a subscription in your RSS reader to
replacing channel with the name of the channel you want to subscribe to.

Want an RSS feed of a playlist? Grab the playlist ID from the playlist URL, and point your RSS reader to
replacing playlist_id with the ID of the playlist.

Want to subscribe to a channel that doesn't have a legacy-style channel name? Grab its channel ID (e.g. UCV9_KinVpV-snHe3C3n1hvA) and point your RSS reader to
replacing channel_id with the ID of the channel.

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Built by Aaron Harpole and Marcus Edvalson